Curriculum Vitae (Full academic, June 2021)

Sakiko Fukuda-Parr

250 W 94th St.  Apt 2G

New York, NY 10025

Employment history 

2006 – present Professor, Julien J. Studley Graduate Program in International Affairs, The New School (full professor/tenured 2011; Program director 2018-20)

2018 – present Visiting Professor, University of Oslo Centre for Environment and Development (category 2). Director, Independent Panel on Global Governance for Health

2015 – present Distinguished Fellow, JICA Research Institute, Tokyo, Japan

Spring 2012 Visiting Professor, Department of Social Development, University of Cape Town, South Africa

2009-2010 Associate Dean for Academic Affairs, Milano The New School for Management and Urban Policy 

2004 – 06 Research Fellow, Belfer Center for Science, Technology and International Affairs, Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University

1995-2004 Director, Human Development Report Office, UNDP 

1992 – 94: Chief, West Africa Division, Regional Bureau for Africa, UNDP

1987 – 91: Principal Economist and Deputy Director, ‘LDC Unit’  (economic policy advisory program), Regional Bureau for Africa, UNDP

1985 – 87: Deputy Resident Representative, UNDP Burundi

1979 – 85: Technical Adviser in agricultural economics, Bureau for Policy, Programmes and Evaluation, UNDP

1976 – 79: Economist, Agriculture and Rural Development Projects, Europe, Middle East and North Africa Region, World Bank.

1974 – 75: Loan Officer, Europe, Middle East and North Africa Region, World Bank

1973 – 74: Young Professionals Program, World Bank (selective executive track recruitment program)  


MA, University of Sussex.  UK 

MA, MALD   The Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy, Tufts University, USA 

BA (Hons), Cambridge University, UK  


Graduate courses: 

Development Economics; Human Rights in Global Fashion; Food, Global Trade and Development; Human Rights and Poverty, Global Health Governance and Human Rights 

Pandemics in an Unequal World

Policy committees, boards and other advisory service  (selected recent appointments)

Committee on Development Policy (Vice Chair), United Nations Economic and Social Council

Independent Panel on Global Governance for Health, University of Oslo

Board, International Association for Feminist Economics 

Editorial Board, Journal of Human Development and Capabilities

Board (Chair), Knowledge Ecology International  

Advisory Council, Center for Economic and Social Rights 

UN Secretary General’s High Level Panel on Access to Medicines (2015-16)

The Lancet-University of Oslo Commission: Global Governance for Health (2011-2013)

High Level Task Force on the Right to Development, Working Group of the UN Human Rights Council (2008-2010) 

American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) Committee on Scientific Freedom and Responsibility (2009-2011)

Grants and Prizes

2018 Gawemeyer Prize for Ideas Improving World Order, co-recipient with Terra Lawson-Remer and Susan Randolph for Fulfilling Social and Economic Rights (OUP 2016)

2016 American Political Science Association Prize for Best Book in Human Rights Scholarship awarded to Fulfilling Social and Economic Rights, (coauthored with Susan Randolph and Terra Lawson-Remer)

2012/13 UNOHCR, UNDP, Friedrich Ebert Foundation, Rockefeller Foundation, Dag Hammarsjold Foundation to support research project, Power of Numbers: Targets for Human Development and Human Rights (with Alicia Yamin, Harvard University)

2012 Mellon Fellowship for Visiting Professorship, University of Cape Town

2011 New School Provost’s Fund for Innovations in Education – for introduction of case studies method in the course Food, Global Trade and Development (with Fabio Parasecoli)

2010 National Science Foundation grant for research project: Economic and Social Rights – Handmaiden or Obstacle to Economic Growth (Co-PI with Susan Randolph and Terra Lawson-Remer)

2010 New School Provost’s Faculty Research Fund for the Social and Economic Rights Fulfilment Index (with Terra Lawson-Remer)

2009 Skytte Foundation, University of Uppsala for review seminar on Measuring Economic and Social Rights

2004 Rockefeller Foundation grant for research on genetically modified crops and development 


Books and special journal issues

2019: The Political Determinants of Health Inequities and Universal Health Coverage, Globalization and Health, Vol 15 Suplement 1  (Guest editor with Sonja Kristine Kittelsen and Katerini Tagmatarchi Storeng 

2019: “Data, Politics and Knowledge in Localizing the SDGs”, Special Issue, (Guest editor with Angelina Fisher), Journal of Human Development and Capabilities 20.4

2019: “Knowledge and Politics in Setting and Measuring the Sustainable Development Goals”, Special Issue, (Guest editor, with Desmond McNeill) Global Policy Journal 

2017: Millennium Development Goals: Ideas, Interests and Influence, New York: Routledge

2015: Food Security in South Africa: Human Rights and Entitlements Perspectives (ed. with Viviene Taylor). Cape Town: University of Cape Town/Juta Press 

2015: Millennium Development Goals, Capabilities and Human Rights: The Power of Numbers to Shape Agendas, (ed. with A. Yamin) London: Routledge.  (special issue of the Journal of Human Development and Capabilities

2015: Fulfilling Social and Economic Rights (with T. Lawson-Remer and S. Randolph). New York: Oxford University Press

Best Book in Human Rights Scholarship Award of the American Political Science Association, 2016

2013 Preventing Violent Conflict in Africa: Inequalities, Perceptions and Institutions (ed with Yoichi Mine, Frances Stewart, Thandike Mkandawire). London: Palgrave McMillan

2013: “Feminist and Critical Perspectives on the Financial Crisis and the World Economic Recession”. (ed. with James Heinz and Stephanie Seguino) London: Routledge [Special issue of  Feminist Economics 19:3

2012: Quantifying Human Rights, Special issue of the Nordic Journal of Human Rights 30:3  guest co-edited with Malcolm Langford

2011: Human Rights and the Capabilities Approach: An interdisciplinary conversation (ed. with Diane Elson and Polly Vizard) London: Routledge  [also published as special issue, Journal of Human Development and Capabilities 12:1] 

2008: The Handbook on Human Development (ed. with Shiva Kumar) New Delhi: Oxford University Press (third edition, earlier editions titled Readings in Human Development)

2007: The Gene Revolution: GM Crops and Unequal Development. London: Earthscan,  (ed. and main contributor) 

2006: ‘Genetically Modified Crops in Developing Countries – Institutional and Policy Challenges’.  (ed) Special issue, International Journal of Technology and Globalization. 2:1-2. 

2003: Human Insecurity in a Global World. (ed. with L. Chen and E. Seidensticker) Cambridge:Harvard University Press.  

2002:  Capacity for  Development: Old Problems, New Solutions. (ed. with K. Malik and C. Lopes) London. Earthscan.  

1993: Rethinking Technical Cooperation: Reforms for Capacity Building in Africa. New York.  UN Publications; French version published by Harmattan.  (With E. Berg; collaborative publication of UNDP and DAI, main coordinator for UNDP)

Human Development Reports 1995-2004 – lead author (2000-2004); with Sir Richard Jolly (1996-99)

Human Development Report 2004: Cultural Liberty in Today’s Diverse World. 

Human Development Report 2003: The Millennium Development Goals, a Compact among Nations to end Human Poverty.  

Human Development Report 2002: Deepening Democracy in a Fragmented World. 

Human Development Report 2001: Making New Technologies Work for Human Development.    

Human Development Report 2000: Human Rights and Human Development

Human Development Report 1999: Globalization with a Human Face.

Human Development Report 1998: Consumption and Human Development. 

Human Development Report 1997: Human Development to Eradicate Poverty.  

Human Development Report 1996: Human Development and Economic Growth. 

Journal articles, book chapters

2020, “Southern origins of sustainable development goals: Ideas, actors, aspirations” (with Bhumika Muchhala). World Development 126

2019, “Introduction – Data, Knowledge and Politics in Localizing the SDGs” (with Angelina Fisher), Journal of Human Development and Capabilities 20.4 Special Issue

2019, “Capabilities, Human Development and Human Rights” (with Ismael Cid Martinez), chapter 14, Handbook of Development Economics: Critical Reflections and Emerging Policy Perspectives, ed Machiko Nissanke and Jose Antonio Ocampo, Palgrave Macmillan. 

2019, “Knowledge and Politics in Setting and Measuring the SDGs – Introduction to Special Issue” (with Desmond McNeill), Global Policy Journal

2019, Keeping Out Extreme Poverty from the SDG Agenda – the Politics of Indicators, Global Policy Journal

2018, “Sustainable Development Goals”, chapter 42 in Thomas G. Weiss and Sam Dawes, The Oxford Handbook on the United Nations, OUP, Oxford and New York

2018, “Developmental States, Neoliberalism and the Right to Food: Brazil and South Africa” chapter 11 in Diane Frey and Gillian McNaughton, eds. Economic and Social Rights in a Neoliberal World, Cambridge University Press, New York and Cambridge 

2017, “Political origins of health inequalities: trade and investment agreements” (with Desmond McNeill, Pepita Barlow, Carolyn Deere Birkbeck, Sakiko Fukuda-Parr, Anand Grover, Ted Schrecker, and David Stuckler, as the Independent Panel on Global Governance for Health, University of Oslo). The Lancet; 389: 760-62 

2017, “Trade and Investment Agreements: Implications for Health Protection” (with Desmond McNeill, Pepita Barlow, Carolyn Deere Birkbeck, Sakiko Fukuda-Parr, Anand Grover, Ted Schrecker, and David Stuckler, as the Independent Panel on Global Governance for Health, University of Oslo).  Journal of World Trade 51, no.1: 159-182

2016, “From the Millennium Development Goals to the Sustainable Development Goals: shifts in concept, purpose, and politics of global goal setting for development”. Gender and Development 24:1

2015, “Human Rights and Politics in Development” chapter 12 in Goodhart, Michael, ed. Human Rights and Politics, Oxford: Oxford University Press (third edition)

2015, “Post 2015: A New Era of Accountability?” (with Desmond McNeill) Journal of Global Ethics, 11:1 

2015, “Food Security as if Gender Equality and Sustainability Mattered”. Chapter 4 in Leach, Melissa (ed) Gender Equality and Sustainability. London: Routledge

2014, “The Power of Numbers: A Critical Review of Millennium Development Goal Targets for Human Development and Human Rights” (with Alicia Yamin and Joshua Greenstein) Journal of Human Development and Capabilities. 15:2-3. 

2014, “Global Goal Setting as a Tool of Global Governance: Intended and Unintended consequences”, Journal of Human Development and Capabilities. 15:2-3 

2014, “The MDG Hunger Target and Competing Frameworks of Food Security” (with Amy Orr) Journal of Human Development and Capabilities. 15:2-3 

2014, “Global Governance for Health: Political origins of health inequalities”, The Lancet 383:9917 p 630-667 (with Ole Peter Ottersen et al) Report of the University of Oslo/the Lancet Commission on Global Governance for Health, London 

2013, “Delivering the Vision of the Millennium Declaration”. Chapter 13, OECD Development Cooperation Report 2013: Ending Poverty. Paris:OECD.

2013, “Should global goal setting continue, and how, in the post 2015 era?” chapter in Alonso, Jose Antonio,  Andrea Cornia and Rob Vos, eds.  Alternative Development Strategies in the Post 2015 Era, Bloomsbury Press, London and New York  

2013, “Introduction: Disentangling the Linkages between Horizontal Inequalities and Political Institutions” (with Arnim Langer and Yoichi Mine) in Mine, Yoichi, Frances Stewart, Sakiko Fukuda-Parr and Thandike Mkandawire, Preventing Violent Conflict in Africa, London: Palgrave Macmillan

2013, “Monitoring MDGs: Human Rights Critique and Alternative” (with Joshua Greenstein) chapter in M. Langford, A. Sumner, and A. Yamin, (eds.) The Millennium Development Goals and Human Rights. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.

2013, “How should MDG Implementation be Measured: Faster Progress or Meeting Targets?” World Development 41.1 19-30 (with Joshua Greenstein and David Stewart) 

2012, “The Right to Development: a new discourse for the twenty first century” Social Research 79:4 

2012, “The Turn to Metrics”, Nordic Journal of Human Rights, 30:3 (with Malcolm Langford)  

2012, “Recapturing the Narrative of Development” chapter in David Hulme and Rorden Wilkinson eds. The Millennium Development Goals and Beyond: Global Development After 2015, London: Routledge 

2012,  “Human Security” in Brown, Graham and Arnim Langer, The Elgar Companion to Civil War and Fragile States, Cheltenham: Edward Elgar Publishing  

2011, “Correcting Horizontal Inequality as a Development Priority: Poverty Reduction Strategy Papers (PRSPs) in Haiti, Liberia and Nepal”  in Langer, Arnim, Frances Stewart and Rajesh Venugopal eds.  Horizontal Inequalities and Post-Conflict Reconstruction: Laying the Foundation for Durable Peace, Basingstoke, UK: Palgrave Macmillan

2011, “The Metrics of Human Rights: Complementarities of the Human Rights and Capabilities Approach“ Journal of Human Development and Capabilities 12:1

2011, “The Capabilities Approach and Human Rights”, (with Polly Vizard and Diane Elson) Journal of Human Development and Capabilities 12:1 

2011, “Theory and Policy in International Development: Human Development and Capability Approach and the Millennium Development Goals” International Studies Review


2011, “International Norm Dynamics and ‘the End of Poverty’: Understanding the Millennium Development Goals” (with David Hulme) Global Governance 17:1 

2010, “Economic and Social Rights Fulfillment Index: Country Scores and Rankings” (with Susan Randolph and Terra Lawson-Remer), Journal of Human Rights 9:3

2010, “Global Poverty and Unequal Development: Contemporary trends and issues”, chapter in Poverty and Morality Peter Hoffenberg, ed. Ethikon Series in Comparative Ethics, New York, Cambridge University Press

2010, “The Missing MDG: Reducing Inequality”, IDS Bulletin, 41.1 Falmer: Institute of Development Studies, University of Sussex 

2009, “Conflict Prevention as an Objective of Development Aid” in George Mavrotas, ed. Foreign Aid for Development, Oxford: Oxford University Press

2009, “Development and security: towards greater coherence in international agendas” in Necla Tschirgi and Francesco Mancini (eds) Critical Connections: Development and Security, Denver: Lyn Rienner Publishers 

2009, “Unequal development in the 1990s: gaps in human capabilities” (with David Stewart) in Sudhir Anand, Paul Segal and Joseph E. Stiglitz (eds), Debates in the Measurement of Global Poverty, New York: Oxford University Press   

2009,  “An Index of Economic and Social Rights Fulfillment: Concept and Methodology” (with Terra Lawson-Remer and Susan Randolph) Journal of Human Rights 8:3

2008, “Human Rights and Development” in Kaushik Basu and Ravi Kanbur (eds)  Arguments for a Better World: Essays in Honour of Amartya Sen, Vol II Societies, Institutions and Development.  Oxford: Oxford University Press.

2008, “An Integrated Framework for Peacebuilding, Human Rights and Development: Reflections on Liberia’s Poverty Reduction Strategy” (with Erin McCandless) in Kenneth Omeje ed. War to Peace Transition: Conflict, Intervention and Peacebuilding in Liberia, Lanham, Maryland: University Press of America

2008, “Conflict-development Nexus: Survey of Armed Conflicts in sub-Saharan Africa 19980-2006” (with M. Ashwill, C. Messineo, E. Chiappa). Journal of Peacebuilding and Development 4:1 

Reprinted chapter in: Mavrotas, George ed. Security and Development, Cheltenham: Edward Elgar Publishing

2008, “The Intellectual Journey Continues: Today’s global agenda and the new frontiers of human development” in Khadija Haq and Richard Ponzio, eds. Pioneering the Human Development Revolution: An Intellectual Biography of Mahbub ul Haq  New Delhi: Oxford University Press

2007,  Four chapters in Fukuda-Parr, ed. The Gene Revolution: GM crops and unequal development. Earthscan, London.

Chapter 1: Genetically Modified Crops and Development Priorities 

Chapter 2: The emergence and spread of GM crops: explaining the role of institutional change 

Chapter 11: Institutional Changes in Argentina, Brazil, China, India and South Africa: Comparative Analysis 

Chapter 12: The Role of government Policy: for Growth, Sustainability and Equity

2006,  “Millennium Development Goal 8 – international human rights obligations?”  Human Rights Quarterly. Vol 28 No.4

Reprinted with modification in: 2007 “International Obligations for Economic and Social Rights: The Case of the Millennium Development Goal 8.” in S. Hertel and A. Minkler (eds.), Economic Rights: Conceptual, Measurement, and Policy Issues, New York: Cambridge University Press

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2006, “Global actors, markets and rules driving the diffusion of genetically modified (GM) crops in developing countries”.  International Journal of Technology and Globalisation  2:1-2

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2004,  “Millennium Development Goals: The pledge of world leaders to end poverty will not be met with business as usual”  Journal of International Development.  16

2004, “Gender and New Threats to Human Security in the Era of Globalization’. Peace Review 16:1 

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2003, “Using the HDI for Policy Analysis” (with K. Raworth and A.K. Shivakumar) in Fukuda-Parr and Shivakumar, eds. Readings in Human Development, New Delhi: Oxford  University Press

2003, “New Threats to Human Security in the Era of Globalization”  Journal of Human Development  4:2

2002 “The Network Age: Creating new models of technical cooperation” in Fukuda-Parr et al, eds. 2002 Capacity for Development: Old Problems, New Solutions.  London: Earthscan  (with Ruth Hill) 

2002, “Institutional Innovations for Capacity Development” Introduction in Fukuda-Parr et al eds, Capacity for Development: Old Problems, New Solutions (with Carlos Lopes and Khalid Malik)

2002, “Measuring the Technology Achievement of Nations and the Capacity to Participate in the Network Age” in The Journal of Human Development. 3:1 (with Meghnad Desai, Claes Johansson and Francisco Sagasti) 

2001, “Indicators of Human Rights and Human Development, overlaps and differences….. and what about the Human Development Index”. Statistical Journal of the UN Economic Commission for Europe 18:2-3

2000, “In search of indicators of culture and development: progress and Proposals” in  UNESCO World Culture Report 2000 

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1995,  “From Capacity Development to Capacity Utilisation”  International Journal of Technical Cooperation 1:2

Working Papers and reports

2018, 2019, “Voluntary National Review Reports – what do they report?” (by UN CDP subgroup on VNRs)  UN CDP Background Paper 46 July 2018; July 2019

2018, “Leaving No One Behind as a Site of Contestation and Reinterpretation”, (with Thea Smaavik Hegstad, CDP Background Paper 47.

2018, “Trade Agreements and Policy Space for Achieiving Universal Health Coverage”, UN CDP Background Paper 38  

2016, “Promoting Innovation and Access to Health Technologies”, Report of the UN Secretary General’s High Level Panel on Access to Medicines (member of Panel),  UN

2016, “Normative Framing of Development Cooperation: Japanese Bilateral Aid betwen the DAC and Southern Donors” (with Hiroaki Shiga)  Working Paper 130, JICA Research Institute

2011, “Does Budget Transparency Lead to Stronger Human Development Outcomes and Commitments to Economic and Social Rights?”  Working Paper 4, International Budget Initiative,  (with Terra Lawson Remer and Patrick Guyer)

2009, “Empowering People: Human Rights Review of Haiti’s Poverty Reduction and Growth Strategies” Report commissioned by the UN Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights

2008, “Integrating Conflict Prevention in Development Policy and Aid Agendas: Policy Messages from the Wilton Park Confernce on Conflict Prevetion and Development cooperation in Africa, a policy workshop. November 8-11, 2007. Wilton Park, UK”

2007, Papers for Wilton Park Policy Workshop on Conflict Prevention and Development Cooperation in Africa: A Policy Workshop :

‘Conflict prevention and development cooperation: Joint project of JICA and UNDP – A concept Paper’ (with Robert Picciotto)  Background paper 1

‘Human Rights, State Capacity and Economic Policy’ (with Juan Alberto Fuentes)

2007, “Human rights and national poverty reduction strategies: Conceptual framework for human rights analysis of PRSPs and reviews of Guatemala, Liberia and Nepal”  University of Connecticut Human Rights Institute, Economic rights Working Papers 2007 (2).

2007, “Integrating Human Rights into National Poverty Reduction Strategies: the challenge of development with equity and the Liberia iPRS” University of Connecticut Human Rights Institute, Economic rights Working Papers 2007 (2).

2007, “From Income to a Multidimensional Measure of Poverty: the Case of the Human Poverty Index” Poverty in Focus, International Poverty Centre, UNDP, Brasilia

Presentations (Selected list)

October 2019, South Bend, Indiana – keynote speaker, The 8th Annual ASA Sociology of Development Conference

September 2019, London, UK – organizer and presenter of a two panel series on the SDGs, Annual Conference of Human Development and Capabilities Association

July 2019, New York City – Speaker, High Level Political Forum on Sustainable Development (HLPF) plenary session: Four Years of VNRs, United Nations Headquarters

July 2019, New York City – Speaker, National Reports on 2030 Agenda: what do they (not) tell us?  Launch of CDP paper.  HLPF side event, United Nations

July 2019, New York City – Panel speaker, ECOSOC Integration Segment: Empowering people and ensuring inclusiveness and equity, United Nationsl Headquarters

June 2019, Puebla, Mexico – Keynote speaker, Fifth Conference of the Latin American and Caribbean Association of Human Development and the Capabilities Approach (ALCADECA), Universidad de las Américas 

June 2019, Shanghai, China – paper presentation, workshop on Global Justice, Fudan University Institute for Advanced Study in Social Sciences 

March 2019, Toronto, Canada – organized Round Table on Global Governance and Health Inequalities

November 2018, Oslo Norway – “Trade and Investment Agreements and Policy Space for Universal Health Coverage”, Annual Conference of the Independent Panel on Global Governance for Health: Political Origins of Health Inequities and Universal Health Coverage

October 2018, Oslo Norway – keynote speaker, Agenda Conference on Inequality and International Development

September 2018, New York City – Speaker, Roundtable “Curse or Cure: Leaving no one behind in an Age of Technological Revolution”, UNDP side event at the UN General Assembly 

July 2018, New York City – Speaker, ‘Leaving No One Behind’, United Nations High Level Political Forum on the SDGs (HLPF)

June 2018, Manchester UK – keynote speaker, Development Studies Association Conference

April 2018, San Francisco – invited speaker at a Sapphire Series Panel, International Studies Association Conference (ISA)

April 2018, San Francisco – paper presentation: “Understanding Aid Norms in the Light of Gift Theory: Comparing Normative Models of Japan, DAC and South South Cooperation”

April 2018, New York City – “Are Global Goals a Good Way to Set Global Agendas?” – Invited lecture, SIPA, Columbia University

March 2018, Ispra Italy – The Impacts and Methodology of Indicators and Scoreboards

February 2018, Hiroshima, Japan – “The SDGs: A New Development Paradigm”, invited keynote speaker, Symposium organized by the University of Hiroshima, Prefecture of Hiroshima and Ministry of Foreign Affairs 

July 2017, New York City – Invited speaker, opening plenary of UN High Level Political Forum on Sustainable Development (HLPF)

July 2017, New York City – Invited speaker, “Access to medicines and innovation: A call for an ambitious, transformative, integrated, universal solutions”, Side event at the High Level Political Forum (HLPF) on Sustainable Development

May 2017, Duisburg, Germany – Invited speaker, workshop on The DAC and Development Cooperation, DAC history project, University of Duisburg, Germany

February 2017, Dhaka, Bangladesh – “Trade and Health”,  3rd Annual CPD Anniversary Lecture, Centre for Policy Dialogue 

January 2017, Tokyo, Japan – “Normative Framing of Development Cooperation” Invited seminar, JICA Research Institute

December 2016, Brasilia, Brazil – “Protecting food and health security in global trade and investment regimes”, Keynote speaker, Congress of the Future, Federal Congress of Brazil

October 2016, London, UK – “Human Right and Development”, invited speaker, Kings College Law & Justice Forum

September 2016, New York – Breakfast Dialogue: the Role of Health Technology Innovation and Access in the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. Dialogue with Joseph Stiglitz, Sakiko Fukuda-Parr, Yusuf Hamied, Precious Mtsoso and Winnie Byanyima. UN Secretary General’s High Level Panel Report.  

September 2016, New York – “Normative Framing of Development Cooperation”, invited seminar, United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs (DESA)

September 2016, Bath, UK –  “Wellbeing and the Politics of Policy”, Invited panel speaker, University of Bath conference: Evidence and the Politics of Policymaking: where next? 

September 2016, Valencia, Spain – “MDGs, Human Rights and Capabilities: the power of numbers to shape agendas”, Opening keynote speaker, European Network of Indicators STI Indicators in and for the peripheries

August 2016, Hayama, Japan – “From the MDGs to the SDGs”, Invited seminar, Insittute for Global Environmental Sustainability (IGES) 

June 2016, New York – “From MDGs to the SDGs: UN Goal Setting”, Academic Council on UN Studies (ACUNS) annual conference 

June 2016, Galway, Ireland – “Sustainable Development Goals – a transformative agenda?”, Presentation, International Association for Feminist Economics (IAFFE) annual conference

June 2016, New York – “SDGs – a promise of a transformative agenda for Africa?” Invited presentation at the Columbia University Initiative for Policy Dialogue (IPD) workshop on Africa

April 2016, Storrs –  “From the MDGs to the SDGs: shifts in purpose, concept and politics of goal setting in international development”, Presentation, University of Connecticut Economic and Social Rights Group annual workshop Protecting Culture and Vulnerable Populations: The promise and limits of the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

April 2016, Boston – Invited speaker, Northeastern University Conference: Women’s Empowerment and International Organizations: Opportunities, Achievements and Challenges

March 2016, New York – “Food Security and Peace”.  Invited briefing to the UN Security Council, UN Security Council Arias Process

March 2016, Geneva – “Human Rights and Development: Key Challenges for the 21st Century”.  Human Rights Council. High Level Panel Discussion on the 50th Anniversary of the International Covenants on Human Rights

February 2016, New York – Panel speaker, Special thematic event of the General Assembly: Building Synergy and Coherence in the Implementation of the Istanbul Plan of Action in the context of the 2030 Sustainable Development Agenda

January 2016, Tokyo – “SDGs, a course correction?” Panel speaker, Ministry of Environment Symposium on 2030 Agenda, Tokyo

January 2016, New York – “SDGs, a course correction?” Keynote speaker, United Nations NGO Forum

November 2015, Austin, Texas – “SDGs, a Course Correction?” Invited lecture, Rappaport Centre for Human Rights and Justice, University of Texas Law School Human Rights Lecture Series

November 2015, Geneva – “The 2030 UN Agenda and the SDGs – a Course Correction?” Keynote speaker, Graduate Institute conference – SDGs and the Game Change in Global Health

November 2015 The Hague – “SDGs, a Course Correction?” Keynote speaker, Institute for Social Studies Development Dialogues: Ghosts of the MDGs – Unpacking the Logics of Development

September 2015, Durban, South Africa – “The political origins of food insecurity: local and global drivers”. Keynote speaker, World Social Science Forum

September 2015, Washington D.C. – “Fulfilling Human Rights”, Book discussion, Human Development and Capability Association Annual Conference

September 2015, Washington D.C. – MDGs, Human rights and capabilities: the power of numbers to shape agendas, Human Development and Capability Association Annual Conference

September 2015, Evora, Portugal – “MDGs, Capabilities and Human Rights: The Power of Numbers to Shape Agendas”. Public lecture, University of Evora Summer School

June 2015, Bergen, Norway – “MDGs and the Political Economy of International Development at the Turn of the Century”.  Public lecture, University of Bergen 

February 2015, New York – “National Monitoring Framework: metrics for universal goals with national adaptation”, Panel speaker, UN Statistical Division ‘Friday Seminar’ of the Commission on Statistics

November 2014, Aguacalientes, Mexico – “Intended and Unintended Consequences of Global Goals: lessons for the SDGs”, Panel speaker, 15th International Meeting on Gender Statistics

November 2014, Sasakatoon, Canada – “Fulfilling Social and Economic Rights”  Boving Lecture, University of Saskatchewan

November 2013, Buenos Aires – “Human Rights and Public Policy”.  University of San Martin and New School/OLA forum on Development and New Alternatives in the Global Space 

October 2013, Bergen, Norway – “The Power of Numbers”.  Keynote speaker, 8th annual conference on Global Health and Vaccines Research, Norwegian Research Council

September 2013, Storrs, Ct –  “Law, Social Movements and Economic Policy in Fulfilling the Right to Food”, Panel speaker,  University of Connecticut Human Rights Institute conference on human rights

August 2013, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil – “The Power of Numbers”, Public lecture, Fundaçao 

Osvaldo Cruz (Fiocruz)

August 2013, Brasilia, Brazil – “The Power of Numbers”, Public lecture, International Centre for Inclusive Growth (IPC), IPEA

July 2013, Palo Alto – “The MDG Hunger Target and the Contested Visions of Food Security”, Annual Conference of the International Association for Feminist Economics (IAFFE)

June 2013, Yokohama – “Defining Development”, Tokyo International Conference on African Development (TICAD) side event organized by JICA

April 2013, New York – Invited presenter, 2nd meeting of the UN General Assembly’s Open Working Group on Sustainable Development Goals

April 2013, San Francisco – “The MDGs  and the Political Economy of International Development Cooperation”, Annual Convention of the International Studies Association 

November 2012, New York – ‘MDG Strengths as Weaknesses’ Keynote speaker, Luncheon and Discussion, Towards a New Generation of Development Goals, a conference organized by the Friedrich Ebert Stiftung, the Club of Madrid, Ford Foundation and the Government of France

October 2012, Toronto – ‘MDGs and the Political Economy of International Development at the Turn of the Century’, Academics Stand Against Poverty (ASAP) Annual Conference at Ryerston University –  Beyond 2015: Towards a New Consensus on Ending Global Poverty 

August 2012, Tokyo – ‘Political Institutions and Horizontal Inequalities: Policy Relevance for Aid Donors’, Preventing Violent Conflict in Africa, a symposium of the Japan International Cooperation Agency

May 2012, Cape Town – ‘The Millennium Development Goals and the Political Economy of International Development in the First Decade of the Twenty First Century’, University of Cape Town Department of Economics SALDRU seminars 

May 2012, Bloemfontein – “The Millennium Development Goals and the Political Economy of International Development in the First Decade of the Twenty First Century”, University of the Free State Development Studies Centre seminars 

May 2012, Bloemfontein – ‘Human Rights and the Capabilities Approach, with references to the Right to Food in South Africa’, University of the Free State Public lectures on human development 

March 2012, Cape Town – “The Millennium Development Goals and the Political Economy of International Development in the First Decade of the Twenty First Century”, School of Government Development seminars 

November 2011, Geneva – “Lessons from the MDGs in a Changing Global Landscape”, Expert consultation on Millennium Development Goals: Whose accountable? Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights 

September 2011, The Hague – “Metrics of MDGs: a human rights critique and alternative”, Human Development and Capabilities Association global conference  

February 2011, Berlin – “Global Partnership for Development”, 25 Years of the Right to Development: Achievements and Challenges, Friedrich Ebert Foundation Conference  

July 2010, New York “MDGs in Countries  Emerging from Conflict”  Joint session of the Economic and Social Council and the Peacebuilding Commission, United Nations

July 2010, Geneva “Development policy and human rights – overlaps and complementarities”  Symposium on Improving the International Monitoring of Economic, Social and Cultural Rights, Geneva Academy of International Humanitarian Law and Human Rights, and Friederich Ebert Stiftung  

June 2010, Montreal – “Do Ideas shape international agendas? – human development and the MDGs “  Keynote speaker, Thirteenth World Congress of Social Economics,  Association for Social Economics 

November 2009, Geneva – “The Right to Development and the WIPO Development Agenda”, ‘side event’ of the Committee on the Development Agenda, World Intellectual Property Organization 

June 2009, Brussels – “MDGs and the international development agenda”, plenary speaker, After 2015: Promoting Pro-poor policy after the MDGs, a high level policy forum co-organized by UK Department for International Development, Action Aid, Development Studies Association, European Association of Development Institutes, and the Institute of Development Studies 

March 2009, New York “Gender perspectives on the financial crisis” – UN Commission on the Status of Women, 53rd session 

December 2008, Sikkim, India  – “Human Development” Inaugural lecture, University of Sikkim Global Development Series 

October 2008, New York – ‘The Human Impact of the Financial Crisis on Poor and Disempowered People and Countries’. UN General Assembly Interactive Panel on the Global  Financial Crisis,  (invited speaker)

August 2008, Belo Horizonte, Brazil – “Human Development” Fourth international seminar on human development, Instituto de Desenvolvimento Humano e Sustentavel, Catholic University of Minas Gerais 

March 2007, Washington DC  – “Global technology and institutional and policy choices for developing countries: the case of GM crops”, invited speaker, World Bank Agriculture seminar series 

2002 Manila – “Deepening Democracy in Today’s Fragmented World”. Keynote speaker at the global launch of HDR 2002, with President Gloria Arroyo at Malacagnang Palace

2000  Paris – “Human Rights and Human Development”. Keynote speaker at the global launch of HDR 2000, with President Chirac at Elysee Palace


Published numerous op-eds on international economic policy issues in leading newspapers and periodicals such as Los Angeles Times, le Monde, International Herald Tribune, The New Scientist, Asahi Shinbun; interviews with tv and radio such as BBC, RFI, NHK, CNN.

2016 “Protecting health in trade agreements – a challenge to Japan’s role as a leader in global health” Kyodo News (English online)

2016 “UN Report is an opportunity for sustainable solution to gaps in innovation and access” The Lancet Global Health